Does Your Child Have
Cerebral Palsy?

The Cerebral Palsy Lawyers Group

The birth of a child is a beautiful, miraculous event. But when something goes wrong, it can turn a family upside down and cause immeasurable pain. The birth injury attorney team at the Cerebral Palsy Lawyers Group has dedicated its time to helping parents of injured children fight for their rights after a mistake was made by a negligent physician, nurse, or medical assistant. We offer hope and possible financial compensation to families affected by labor and delivery injuries.

How Do Birth Injuries Happen?

Labor and delivery personnel are trained to uphold high standards of care when dealing with each and every expectant mother. If these professional standards are ignored, both mother and baby can suffer life-threatening consequences. The majority of injuries during labor and delivery can be prevented. The causes of birth injury are numerous and usually involve poor decision making on the part of a labor and delivery doctor or medical team member.

About Robert Goldwater

My name is Robert Goldwater, and I am a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2002, my wife gave birth to triplets. Unfortunately, they were born almost four months prematurely. They all suffered from numerous complications, including jaundice, respiratory distress, bradycardia, broncopulmonary dyslpasia, intraventricular hemorrhage (brain bleeds), retinopathy of prematurity, etc. In 2003, I founded the Cerebral Palsy Lawyers Group to provide helpful information for the families of children injured at birth. A substantial number of birth injuries are the direct result of substandard medical care. I wanted to provide a resource for parents to find out if their child’s birth injury was preventable, and if it was preventable, to connect them with one of the best birth injury attorneys in their area to help them obtain the maximum out-of-court settlement possible from the appropriate insurance company(ies).

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